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I’m excited to be entering two new Challenges with this post:  The Card Concept Challenge #27 and the 2015 SOC Blogger Challenge.  After reviewing the styles on the Card Concept Challenge blog site I decided that my style best fits the “Classy & Elegant” Design Team’s style and so that is the category I’m submitting under.

The SOC Blogger Challenge  was an anything goes challenge so I chose to use this card for both challenges. The Card Concept Challenge #27 theme is LOVE and it really pushed me to go where I had never gone before.  I had never made a Valentine’s Day card or a card about Love.  I’m not really sure why considering I’ve been madly in LOVE with my best friend and husband for 18+ years now.   About the closest I’ve come is making a few Wedding Cards.  So I started by looking at what I had to use and it wasn’t much.  Only two heart stamps (neither one very appealing) both of which I won at a Archiver’s Mania night several years ago, obviously before they closed.  And I had some heart nesting dies.

So I had to think about what things symbolize LOVE to me and that helped me come up with the ideas for my card.  First, I decided that the color Red is a color I most often associate with LOVE so I wanted to use it and white.  I also wanted to use Heart shapes because they are a universal symbol for LOVE.  And I think another universal symbol for LOVE is the Rose particularly a Red one.  So I incorporated all these concepts together and decided on  ‘triple time’ hearts embossed with Red Roses as my design.  I used pearls and ribbon as my embellishments because I thought they would contribute to making the card Classy and Elegant’.   And of course I used Bling: glittery embossing powder, because what is a card without Bling 

So, below is what I came up with when I put all of the above together.  My husband will appreciate my entering this Challenge because now he’ll get a handmade Valentine’s Day Card instead of a store bought one.  As always it’s hard to see the Bling but I took some close ups so hopefully you’ll get a better idea of the card’s sparkle.   

Luv 0292    Luv 2 0344


Luv Close 0314

Some Sparkle Showing

Luv Close Up 0301

Some Sparkle Showing


Inside Card

Inside Card


Materials Used:

Paper: Stardream Metallic Cover – Crystal, Stampin Up-Real Red;  Ink:  Stampin Up -Real Red;   Embossing Powder:  B&J’s Arts – Mystic Fire;   Embossing Folder: Darice – Wire Fence;   Embellishments:  Ribbon – Red Satin,  Stampin Up – Pearls.


 Until Next Time —-  


 God Bless and Happy Stamping!  

15 thoughts on “Love / Valentine’s Card

    • I used my Silhouette. I bought the “9 nested heart by Alaa’ K” for $0.75 from the Silhouette Store and adjusted them to the size I wanted. I have some heart dies but none were the right size. Hope this helps.

  1. Cute. I would like to see a card that speaks to the imperfections of love, not just the ideal. This is a nice card. Women would like it.

  2. At first I saw only hire blank spaces in bottom left/right areas of the card, and said to myself ” these blank spaces need to be filled”.Then I enlarged the
    card, and saw theBLING!!!/the PEARLS!!!! which filled the bottom spaces nicely/elegantly.Everything you said in your text, was executed.Love how you blended the roses.An A+ card!!!!

    • Thank you for your attention to the details as well as your lovely comments. It’s hard to get the details to show up in pictures. I truly appreciate the feedback.

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