Beverly Ann Johnson was my mother and she was an extraordinary woman.  She always encouraged me to be creative and inspires me still even in her absence.  I feel closest to her now when I create something I know she would like.  She would get a kick out of this Blog.

          She was a fabulous mother loving, compassionate, and present.  God blessed her with tremendous talent and she did it all: she was a seamstress who designed and made her own patterns and clothes, a hatter (hat maker), a baker and cake decorator who made all kinds of wedding, birthday and theme cakes,  an upholsterer, and a gardener with a beautiful flower garden she created and worked herself.  She loved roses and belonged to the Nebraska Iris Society which is one reason I’m drawn to Iris and Rose stamps.     

          She found a way to bring to life whatever she envisioned.  My grandmother’s cousin, Ione, thought my mother’s cakes were both beautiful and delicious.   For as long as I can remember Ione wanted my mother to make the cake for her 50th wedding anniversary.  By the time her 50th anniversary was approaching  Ione’s sight was failing.  My mom got the idea to make a cake stand out of an old chandelier thinking if she was able to turn it on as well it would illuminate the cake and cousin Ione would be able to see her long-awaited 50th anniversary cake.  I love the fact that my mother did not know the first thing about electricity, welding , etc. and wasn’t bothered by these facts in the least.  She knew the vision she had in her head and it was important to her to bring joy to someone else and she was determined to make it happen.  And with the help of her engineer son she pulled it off and the cake was beautiful.

          She was gone too soon after a fight with Breast Cancer just 58 years old.  Her life was bigger than cancer and she touched the lives of so many people.  I’m delighted to have gotten her creativity gene or bug or whatever you want to call it. 

          I also want to give a shout out, as they say, to other creative minds in my family:  my Dad the poet; my big brother the creative wordsmith and author; my 89-year-old maternal grandmother a seamstress and quilter; my late paternal grandmother a quilter who also crocheted etc., my Aunt Flo a fabulous creative thinker and developer of games etc.; and my Aunt Bea a seamstress and quilter who also crochets.

Here’s to you Mom.  Much Love!

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  1. Lovely picture of your Mom,and tribute to match.Your paternal grandmother Ethel Johnson was a quilter,crocheted,etc. Last, but not least,you descend through this grand parent, by DNA from the Yoruba people of Nigeria,and Oshogbo,Nigeria is the place of Yoruba art, and historically are Africa’s most productive artists. I sign off after being inspired by this site.

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