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  1. I need a card that lists my friend’s favorite sport team’s schedule. Throughout the season, he would reference my card for relevant information, like date & time of the game. They’d be a space to write in scores.

    Most cards are read once, then discarded. My sports cards would be used a many times, and if it were a great season, would be displayed forever.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Been away for a while. What wonderful cards I’ve discovered since reconnecting with this site. Who would’ve thought of a Pit Master card for a BBQ enthusiast. The world is unlimited.

  3. I’d like to see a Bucket List card; something with a bunch of neat action items that I could keep track of as they are completed. Maybe each itms would have its on insert.

  4. I need to make some foreign language cards for some of my buds, but have no way to check slang and grammar. Can’t let it read amateurish.

    Any thoughts?

  5. I forgot my brother’s birthday again. Any suggestions on a card (other than the belated nonsense)?

  6. I’m starting to get into unusual card designs. 3-dimensional, inverted, etc. It adds to the unique nature of a custom presentation.

  7. Making these cards is therapeutic, but I’ve found that I analyze every card I receive until I know exactly how it was done.

    This site has given me lots of ideas.

  8. Wow, Jean! Beautiful cards. I’m so impressed! Looking forward to more. Now you need to come and help me organize my craft dungeon.

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