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I love looking at people’s craft rooms and while I don’t have a room devoted to crafting I have carved out a nice space in our basement for myself.  It’s designed keeping my laziness in mind.  I didn’t want to get up and down constantly going to get things I needed so I had my husband and a friend put down some boards on the floor and I roll from place to place.  LOVE IT!!🙂    Okay so here we go:

On the wall in the picture below and to the right are two magnetic boards I bought from Archiver’s when they went out of business.  I hang up cards recently made or those that I think are missing something and I’m re-thinking up there.  I also have a small magnetic board on my craft desk.

CR Front 1     CR From left Long    CR Paper Stacks     CR Side

I use the iCube storage system which is plastic and can be connected together and all the units have wheels.  Some units have shelves with quarter drawers, some half drawers, some have full drawers, and some have just a door without a shelf in the middle.  I love them! Smile  I originally bought mine at Archiver’s and when I needed more I found them cheaper at Blicks Art Store (online) and I think the last time I bought some I got them at Office Depot.

Behind couch       Back Section

I started years ago organizing my stamps: wood, clear mount, and clear in Stuftainers by Stampendous.  I originally bought them from Archiver’s  (How sad it is that they’ve gone out of business?)  I use the thin ones for clear and cling stamps and the thicker ones for wood stamps.  I label the side and then store them by categories in Magazine Racks.  It works really well.  Most of them are within arms reach but I have several, mostly seasonal stamps, stored the same way on the other side of the room.

CR Left Side     Stamps2

I store my paper in two places actually three.  In the paper racks (shown above) that I got from Hobby Lobby and one I bought from Archiver’s when they were closing. I got a few other things in their ‘Going Out Of Business Sale’ that I’ll mention later.  I store my Stampin’ Up paper by name in two plastic stacking file drawers that I bought at Office Max (below).  I store my copics in my carrying case that I bought at a discount at a stamp show.  Gotta love a bargain!

Copics             Paper File

I keep my embossing folders in a box that I bought at Michael’s Arts & Crafts which I keep in a drawer in my iCube storage system along the back wall.  I found a template to make tab folders for A2 and A7 size embossing folders online.  They were ‘cut files’ that I originally was able to use with my CriCut but I have since been able to create a version for my Silhouette which I bought years afterward.  I think the original ‘cut file’ was created by OkieLady at Scraps n’ More click hereto download.  After the tab sheet is cut out you score it and then emboss the front side of the folder, slip the embossing folder inside, label the tab, and Voila!

Emb FileEmb Folder FilledEmbossing Folder Open

All of my dies are stored in 3-ring binders (I think they’re 7×9).  I adhere (ATG) the picture of the die on one side of a piece of paper and adhere a piece of magnetic vent cover (Lowe’s) on the other side, put the die on the magnet side and  place the whole thing in a page protector.  Three of these binders hold my dies currently.   The magnetic vent covers come in a pack of three sheets each measuring 8 in x 15 in so I can get 3 from each sheet (enough for 9 die sets) for about $4.00.  Thanks “Sandi” for this tip.

Spellbinders Bk 1

I bought two ribbon trays from Archiver’s and use them  on the back wall, one to store ribbon and the other is holding my small paper pads right now.  Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by to see where most of my creative juices flow.

God Bless!


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  1. Wow! You definitely have as much as I do and you found a way to organize it. That is amazing! I’ve been trying all different ways for years and haven’t come up with a plan that works for me. I love what you’ve done and am so glad to find someone with lots and lots of stuff to be organized. I was beginning to think I was the only one and that I had lost my mind!! Thanks for sharing this great space.

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